So, you’ve set out to use technology to make your job and life easier by becoming a lifelong learner using the tools that are available to you. Perhaps you begin with a Google search if you know what exactly you’d like to learn. Your search produces articles, videos, and images that relate to the topic you’d typed into the search bar. What’s next? Do you begin the journey into the never ending rabbit hole of Internet content, which may bring you to a better understanding of the information you sought, or do you have a strategy of which content you will interact with based on knowing how YOU learn best?

With so much access to information in this day and age, one can become overwhelmed with “ways to learn” especially if the learner already has a fear of technology. In this article, I am going to share a couple of easy ways to figure out your style of learning, which will help you when deciding on what content will help you learn most effectively while using the Learn@MMC Knowledge Base or when you are searching for topics in your preferred search engine.

1. Know thyself

The best way to empower yourself is to not guess at how you learn. There are various assessments and tests that can be found online that can help learners understand their learning styles. The one I recommend can be found HERE. It is a quick and easy assessment that asks a series of 20 questions and gives you a style that is representative of how you answer the questions.

2. Understand Your Style

Once you have an idea of your learning style, you can begin to help yourself find content that will help you retain what you’ve learned. For instance, if you are a visual learner, perhaps learning by video is an option. If auditory is your style, then you want to make sure you have good quality audio. Most people are a mixture of styles, which means that they need various forms of content to learn. We have made Learn@MMC a variety of video and written content so that any style learner can interact with the content.

A list of the styles and strategies from can be found HERE

3. Get To It!

The best way to be successful in your learning style is to use it. Perhaps as you are learning, you will find that you prefer certain types of visuals if you are a visual learner. There are various types of content: videos, images, graphs, etc. The same is true for kinesthetic/tactile, and auditory learners. Perhaps your job won’t allow for pencil tapping, but you walk a lot. Pop in some ear-buds on your walk and listen to audio lessons to retain knowledge.

Each learner’s results will be different based on environment and learning style. No matter what, making the effort to learn is so valuable in the long run, knowing your style only helps to make the learning process more fun!

To conclude, we hope that this information has been beneficial to you. Knowing how you learn is important to retain knowledge and can make a significant impact in your work performance and life. Happy learning!