Having trouble with the Meharry Alert?

Here are some common problems and possible solutions.

My Enrollment Login Doesn’t Work

Possible Solution #1: Instead of entering your email address in the User name text box enter the following: Meharry\your username. (Example: Meharry\way2kool). Next enter your Meharry password in the Password text box.

My Account Login Doesn’t Work

Possible Solution #1: Do you already have a Meharry Alert account? If you are trying to create a new account, then do not try to login using the box on the right, which is for existing users. You must first create an account. To create an account, you will need a valid Meharry network username and password.

Possible Solution #2: If you are receiving a message that “your username and password did not validate,” you will need to contact the Meharry Information Technology Help Desk at ext.4357 to see about having your password reset.

I Never Received my Validation Code

Note: If you have previously attempted to enroll and did not receive a validation text or email message, do not enroll again. Contact the IT Help Desk for assistance at ext. 4357 (HELP), or off campus at (615) 327-6231.

Possible Solution #1: Did you enter your complete phone number, including the area code (i.e. 10 digits)? The system needs your complete phone number to deliver messages.

Possible Solution #2: Are you an AT&T/Cingular customer? Due to the merger between Cingular and AT&T, be sure to select the best option in the drop down menu of choices. If you had an AT&T cell phone that later became a Cingular phone and then back to AT&T, then select the option listed as AT&T (Legacy). If this does not work, try the other selection listed as AT&T (Cingular). We’ve also heard reports of customers whose plans were changed during the merger and text messaging was (unexpectedly) no longer enabled. If neither selection works, try contacting AT&T to find out if text messaging is enabled on your plan.

Possible Solution #3: Test your cell phone to see if it can receive text messages from e2Campus. Make sure you enter the area code along with the phone number, and make sure you pick the correct carrier. Click Here to test your phone.

My Carrier is not listed

Possible Solution: Some carriers, especially some of the prepaid services, do not allow their customers to receive text messages, even though they may be able to send messages. Check with your service provider to see if you are capable of receiving text messages. If you can receive text messages and your carrier is not listed, you can contact e2campus (the vendor for MEBS) and request that they add support for your carrier (1-800-936-3525 or email: info@e2Campus.com).