New Employees

Meharry Alert

What is the Meharry Alert? Login | Enroll | FAQ | Problems The Meharry Alert is designed to enhance and improve communication so that all students, faculty and staff of Meharry Medical College can stay informed in the event of an emergency.Meharry has entered into an agreement with e2Campus to provide the service, which will […]

Computer Files and System Backup

Files saved to the Meharry computer network are secure and backed up daily. In addition, as a part of the IT Disaster Plan, a duplicate copy of all backup data is stored off campus. For more information on where your department computer data is stored and accessed from the network, contact your immediate supervisor.


The web address is  You will be prompted to enter your username and password.   This is where you will find all Meharry campus information, news and employee information.  You will also find the OIT Knowledge Base.  The Knowledge Base has very useful and helpful computer and applications information and instructions.  You will also have […]


The web address for MyMMC is  This is where you will find your personal information, where you will access Banner and enter your timesheet and leave requests.

Internet Access

The Meharry Internet address is  Here you will find information regarding the various schools, departments, news and campus activities.  We encourage you to take the opportunity and investigate the information available on our web site to the world.

Web Based Email

For your convenience, a web accessible email system is available to you 24/7.  The system provides the user secured access to send and receive messages, check your calendar and address book from anywhere Internet access is available.  The website to access your email when off campus is: You will see an example of how […]


Microsoft Outlook is Meharry’s email software. It is important that you periodically clean out your Outlook account of old emails, appointments, contacts, tasks and notes. Failing to clean out your account could prevent you from receiving important emails or other information transmitted through the email system.

Account Password

The first time that you log on to a Meharry computer with your username and password, you will be prompted to change your password. Below are some password requirements and suggestions. Passwords expire every 90 days, and you are prompted to change your password before the end of the 90 days. Requirement: The password must […]

Account Activation

Your computer account information (username and password) will be provided to your supervisor and/or HR once your account has been created.  If you need assistance logging into a Meharry computer you will need to contact the IT Help Desk at extension 4357 (help) to receive technical assistance.  The IT Help Desk is open Monday – […]

Your Network Computer Account

As a full-time employee of Meharry Medical College, you are provided a computer account for access to the Meharry network, which includes email, MyMMC, Meharry’s Intranet as well as other enterprise applications that you are required to access. Your computer account is a privilege and not a right and users must abide by the Meharry […]