MS Outlook

How to Set Up Personal Folders – Microsoft Outlook

With Outlook open, click on File and Account Settings Click on Data Files Tab  Click Add and Choose Outlook Data File – Click Ok Choose your H drive as the location for the data file. You can use the default name for the file, or type in a new name of your choice. Click Ok […]

Adding Additional Mailboxes

Many departments have shared mailboxes. This means that folders such as the Inbox, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks may be accessible to some or all the members of your department. Once access permissions have been allocated to the mailbox, you are then able to add the mailbox to your own Navigation Pane so that you have […]

How to Add Another User’s Calendar to your Outlook

Note: You will have to be given access to the calendar by the owner of the calendar With Outlook open, click File, Open Click on Open Other User’s Folder, changing the drop down menu to Calendar Type in the user’s name and click Ok. If the user has given you access to their calendar, you […]

How to Share Your Outlook Calendar

With Outlook open, RIGHT click on Calendar You will then have the option to email your calendar to another user, or share your calendar once you click share To set permissions you will RIGHT click on Calendar and LEFT click on Properties Click on the Permissions tab and you are able to set the permissions […]

How to Check Your Mailbox Size – Outlook 2010

With Outlook open, RIGHT click on your mailbox and LEFT click on Data File Properties. Click on Folder Size You will see a list of folders and their corresponding size. These are the items that are going against your quota. To reduce the size of your Mailbox, delete items you no longer need or move […]

Accessing a Shared Mailbox

Purpose: Describe the process of how to access a shared mailbox Process Steps: Select Tools >> Email accounts Select View or change existing e-mail accounts and click Next Select your exchange account, and click the Change button Click the More Settings button Once the Microsoft Exchange Server window is open, click on Advanced Click Add […]

2010 Office Archive Calendar

If you need to archive a calendar you should first check the date that its going to archive to. Go to Outlook 2010 Click on File Click on Info Click Cleanup tools Select Archive Click on Calendar Note the date.  Ask user what date it can start the archive from. Click ok