Meharry Alert

Meharry Alert FAQ

What is Meharry Alert? Who is e2Campus? Is Meharry Alert just for cell phones? When will I get a Meharry Alert message? How can I get more information once I receive a Meharry Alert message? Will I get advertising messages from the Meharry Alert? Can my parents or spouse subscribe to the Meharry Alert? Does […]

Meharry Alert Issues

Having trouble with the Meharry Alert? Here are some common problems and possible solutions. My Enrollment Login Doesn’t Work Possible Solution #1: Instead of entering your email address in the User name text box enter the following: Meharry\your username. (Example: Meharry\way2kool). Next enter your Meharry password in the Password text box. My Account Login Doesn’t […]

Enroll in Meharry Alert

Before You Register… This service is completely voluntary. You are responsible for messaging charges by your service provider. You will not receive messages for which you did not register. Your information is not shared with nor sold to third parties. Note: If you have previously attempted to enroll and did not receive a validation text […]

Login to Meharry Alert

Login to update your information, add or change your email address. Don’t have an account? Enroll Now! Click here to enroll in the Meharry Alert. Note: If you have previously attempted to enroll and did not receive a validation text or email message, do not enroll again. Contact the IT Help Desk for assistance at […]

Meharry Alert

What is the Meharry Alert? Login | Enroll | FAQ | Problems The Meharry Alert is designed to enhance and improve communication so that all students, faculty and staff of Meharry Medical College can stay informed in the event of an emergency.Meharry has entered into an agreement with e2Campus to provide the service, which will […]